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A 6-Hour Video Course on Web3 and Metaverse Insights.
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[Syllabus] The 7 metaverse curriculum blocks

AlmaMeta, the online course for non-technical professionals, has been created to guide people across any industry through all things metaverse.

Join the course if you too would like to tap into this game-changing industry that is redefining things like social media, e-commerce, loyalty ambassador programs all at once.

The seven building blocks of the AlmaMetave course will serve as a guide to discover unknown unknowns.

          [1] The Evolution

          [2] Behavioral shift

          [3] Recalibrate learnings

          [4] Risk assessment

          [5] Business Opportunities

          [6] Industry use cases

          [7] AlmaMeta Metaverse Canva



[1] The Evolution

  • What was Web1, how did Web2 reach its limits, and what needs is Web3 responding to? 
  • What are the metaverse misconceptions in this nascent industry?
  • Why is a digital gamified world becoming lucrative for business?
  • How do I stay on top of this new era and embrace the change?

[Chapter 2] Behavioral Shift

  • What are common unknown unknowns?
  • What behavioral shift in society gave web3 birth to and why?
  • How is it going to affect how people work and conduct life?
  • How ownership and immersive experiences are transforming people's contributions to brands, products, and information?

[3] Recalibrate Learnings

  • What does the metaverse provide to whom?
  • How are the conventional value creation processes being outclassed?
  • What is the link between NFTs and the metaverse?
  • How to plan a short, mid and long-term strategy for digital assets across Web3 tech segments?
  • Who are principal stakeholders in a metaverse economy?
  • What are the 5 proven NFT utility frameworks to assess against?
  • Why are ads and their ROAS no longer valid in Web3? 

[4] Risk Assessment

  • How do Brands and companies choose and evaluate the right metaverse?
  • What are next-gen consumers expecting from a Web3 metaverse?
  • When is a metaverse economy stable?
  • What are key tokenomics aspects? 
  • What and why is co-creation core to the community?
  • What are the pros and cons of a crypto token?

[5] Business Opportunities

  • How to measure metaverse success?
  • What are realistic outcomes and expectations over time?
  • What are short, mid and long-term strategies to get the best results?
  • What makes and how to deploy a metaverse "experience"?
  • How do businesses start in the metaverse and how to reverse engineer the big picture?

[6] Use Cases

  • What is a user experience throughout some of the most pulsing metaverses in 2022?
  • What are the mechanics that stand out?
  • What is each environment optimized for and how does this impact business opportunities?
  • What industries are early adopters?

[7] Metaverse Canva

  • What frameworks can help me get started?
  • How can a corporation in a highly segmented market start in the metaverse? 
  • How companies use the Almameta metaverse Canva?

The Course is for 


Curious life-long learners and companies seeking to expand their knowledge and/or business into Web3 and metaverse, and start participating in the rapidly growing ecosystem.

For Working Professionals

Gather the knowledge required to advance into the most game-changing paradigm shift since the internet.

For Career Changes

For those who would like to take a first-learner advantage of metaverse and web3 being nascent, and reconsider a career path.

For Companies

Build and train your workforce in Web3 for them to have confidence in how to take your business into the metaverse

What students get


We empower individual learners to dive, embrace and become confident with Web3 and metaverse subjects, in order to realize their educational and career goals by providing

Community Access

Join, plug into, and contribute to one of the globally most curated Web3 and metaverse learners. Meet like-minded peers across the world and tap into new opportunities

Metaverse Certificate

And once you complete the course exam, you'll be receiving the AlmaMeta Metaverse Certificate as well as a NFT as on-chain learning evidence

Metaverse Canva

The AlmaMeta Canva and frameworks are a project guide for AlmaMeta alumni on the how-to metaverse

Meet Tommaso [T] ... The Course Faculty


  "Never forget where you come from; It keeps you humble ...
but where you come from can not limit where you want to go"

A Silicon Valley-based, serial entrepreneur with two exits,
UC Berkeley Faculty focused on entrepreneurship in Web3 and metaverse, a two-time author with his most recent book Navigating the Metaverse published by Wiley in May 2022, and a Startup Investor.

Tommaso interacted first with blockchain in 2012 and taught in 2017. He speaks 7 languages and is passionate about sharing his 2 decades of tech entrepreneurial lessons learned. He is a frequent keynote speaker, and advisor to some of Silicon Valley's most renowned startup accelerators such as Google Launchpad, Draper University, and The Alchemist.
Tommaso is a regular contributor to Forbes magazine and hosts a series of podcasts.
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Tommaso's blockchain, metaverse, and web3 related work




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  • Resources and documents

  • Community networking sessions

  • Course Exam

  • Education certificate

  • NFT Certificate 


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  • Resources and documents
  • Community networking sessions
  • Course Exam
  • Education certificate
  • NFT Certificate


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  • For teams >50 students
  • On-demand content 
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  • Course Exam
  • Education certificate
  • NFT Certificate
  • Business intelligence
  • Reports repository 
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  • For teams >100 students
  • On-demand content 
  • Remote, live talk + Q&A
  • Resources and documents
  • Community networking sessions
  • Course Exam
  • Education certificate
  • NFT Certificate
  • Business intelligence
  • Reports repository
  • Access to Web3 Job portal
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AlmaMeta brings real-metaverse-business insights, with an easy-to-grasp academic breakdown. And our curated web3 community takes learning beyond the limitations of a classical course.

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